If You Commit To Us, We Can Commit To You

We want committed, long-term employees who know how to work hard and have fun with their co-workers. If this sounds like the kind of collision repair facility you want to work at then keep reading!


Meet Avion

Avion greets all of our customers at the Chamblee location with a warm smile. But it goes beyond her friendly personality. She also helps new customers with paperwork and explains the repair process to them.


Meet Angela

Angela, much like Avion, greets all of our customers at the Duluth location. Having your car repaired is not something that was at the top of your list and she understands that. She can explain the repair process and will guide you along during your first visit.


Meet Wayne

Wayne currently manages our shop floor. He comes in every day with a smile on his face and knows how to keep everything moving smoothly in the back office.


Meet Carol

Carol works in our finance office at the Duluth location and helps customers every day. She really enjoys helping people and that’s probably why our customers love her!


Meet Bruce

Bruce is the mad scientist at our Gwinnett location. He prefers the term “painter” but it usually feels more like a magician. After all of the body work is done on your car or truck, Bruce will make sure the paint is perfectly matched without a blemish in sight!


From the Front Office to the Back Office,
Our Customers Matter the Most

Avion, Angela, Wayne, Carol, and Bruce are part of a much larger team here at Sports & Imports Collision. And we are growing! We are currently looking for estimators, body repair technicians, and front office staff. If you want to join our team (a mighty fine team!) then please fill out the form below and let us know you are interested.

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